Project Description

Hutton Grammar School – Plant Upgrade

The Project at Hutton Grammar School included the replacement of existing hot water and heating plant – To include:

4no. Ideal Evomax 150kw condensing boilers.

2no. Andrews Ecoflo 53kw condensing water heaters.

4no. Grundfos Magna 3D heating circulators.

1no. Mikrofil EFD pressurisation unit.

The plant room at Hutton Grammar School was upgraded to include the complete strip out of existing heating and hot water generating appliances, pipework, and Controls.

A new BMS Control Panel and associated wiring was installed and commissioned.

The new appliances were installed, tested, and commissioned and brought online in accordance with all relevant manufacturers recommendations.

All heating and domestic services pipework has been thermally insulated utilising phenolic foam sections.

Water treatment has been carried to both heating and domestic service systems. Domestic services chlorinated / sterilised, and the heating system dosed with corrosion proof inhibiter.

  • Project Value £150,00

  • Working for the Diocesae of Blackburn

  • Prinicpal Contractor


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