Project Description

Preston North End FC Floodlights

During a League One match we were asked to provide cover for the clubs own electrical staff due to sickness.

Unbeknown to anyone at the time the floodlights chose this game to stop working mid-way through the first half. Despite the pressure of the situation and the extreme height involved our engineer was able to scale the 70 metre floodlight tower and soon able to identify the fault and restore the power to the floodlights allowing the game to continue.

Following this incident, we advised the club on the need to complete a major relocation of the floodlight control panel from the top of the floodlight gantry to ground level for ease of access for maintenance.

These works were scheduled for the summer close season to be ready for a Sky TV live match on the first day of the opening season. Thompson’s went on to manufacture and install new control panels for the remaining floodlights at the Deepdale Ground


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