Re-opening Buildings in the era of Covid19

It is important to ensure buildings are safe for use following periods with low or no occupation.

Buildings may not be suitable for immediate occupation post Covid19 Closures.

Building owners, landlords and managers should ensure that appropriate checks are done.

M&E Maintenance is critical and should not be neglected.


Prior to buildings re-opening it is strongly recommended that building owners, landlords and managers ensure that their infrastructure and services are suitable for people to return to work, especially when there has been a long break.  The Building Manager will need to undertake a thorough risk assessment.  Examples of checks that may be required include:

  • Electrical Circuits
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting
  • General Lighting
  • Water Hygiene
  • Access Operations
  • Security Syste and CCTV
  • Generators and UPS
  • Smart aligned systems

Due to the impact of Covid19 cost savings and efficiencies are more important than ever.

Now is the ideal time to ensure that your plant and equipment is operating to maximum efficiency:

We can provide condition surveys of existing plant and equipment and look at effective maintenance plans to reduce running costs.

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